Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thoughts are temporary...Breathe is forever.


Birthdays are funny things. We all want them to be perfect. We want to feel elated and on top of the world. We want time to stop and for the light to flow in and for problems to dissolve, just for 24 hours. We want the day to be special , but on our own terms. When in reality, time doesn't stop, light doesn't always come as we want it to, and it is but another day in our very short existence on this earth. Time barrels on like a run away train and life asks us, even pleads us, to jump into the mess. My birthday has been a beautiful day because it HASN'T been perfect. I've watched the messiness of life unfold, the rich, rich mess. I woke up to dance on my own to Stevie Wonder. Then I vacuumed my house. There were some tears because life is happening so fast and my responsibilities seem to mount, mount, mount and change is ever present. I am changing and evolving into someone older, wiser and more beautiful every day. The last 9 years of my twenty somethings have been magical as facebook has mysteriously reminded me through my timeline. Never let the false illusion of perfection get in the way of true, messy happiness. I hope this last year of a fabulous decade brings you and me hope in a time of rich, rich mess.