Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thoughts are temporary...Breathe is forever.


Birthdays are funny things. We all want them to be perfect. We want to feel elated and on top of the world. We want time to stop and for the light to flow in and for problems to dissolve, just for 24 hours. We want the day to be special , but on our own terms. When in reality, time doesn't stop, light doesn't always come as we want it to, and it is but another day in our very short existence on this earth. Time barrels on like a run away train and life asks us, even pleads us, to jump into the mess. My birthday has been a beautiful day because it HASN'T been perfect. I've watched the messiness of life unfold, the rich, rich mess. I woke up to dance on my own to Stevie Wonder. Then I vacuumed my house. There were some tears because life is happening so fast and my responsibilities seem to mount, mount, mount and change is ever present. I am changing and evolving into someone older, wiser and more beautiful every day. The last 9 years of my twenty somethings have been magical as facebook has mysteriously reminded me through my timeline. Never let the false illusion of perfection get in the way of true, messy happiness. I hope this last year of a fabulous decade brings you and me hope in a time of rich, rich mess. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Replace Fear With Love.

Replacing fear with love feels like repairing a broken record. Slowly sifting through the scattered pieces and trying to understand the subtle cuts and edges of each record piece and how each one fell in the first place. Where did this fear come from? How did it evolve? How did I birth this fear within me?

Magic is what will put it back together again, and effort, time, patience and acceptance -- acceptance that the flaws will always remain after repair but that the record will still provide the same function -- to inspire, to serve, to enlighten and bring joy to hearts every where. It will move around the record player as it did many times before but after a good cleaning and breakage, the record will sound clearer and be revered in a new way.

On the other side of fear, is love, renewal and rejuvenation. Chase your fear and listen closely to its unique beat. It is calling you to your destiny. It is calling you home. 

Beyond the Noise

Beyond all external noise, there is a deep and profound silence within me. There is an unwavering and rooted sense of peace and quiet confidence. This is home. No bit of fuzzy noise can take me away from my sacred home of silence. The silence begins as it beats in my heart, my sun. It slowly runs down the flat plains of my upper chest, and then down and over the peaked mountains that are my full breasts. It flows down into the running river that is my long torso, through my loins it then goes, whir pooling into the wild and wise forest. The silence continues on, coursing through my solid tree trunks, and lastly, it settles down into my rooted feet.

May my silence be my beacon, my natural rhythm, my guide.

Get lost in the ocean of silence. Get lost in the silence of your heart.

A Poem About Darkness

Release. Be with. Sit with... the discomfort, the not knowing, the pain. Sit with...the sadness, the hurt, the confusion. Sit with... the self-hate and the self-abuse. Sit with... the darkness.

On the other side of fear, there is love , bliss, hope, revival, renewal and contentment. May the darkness reverberate, tingle, and bubble up to boil through your whole being...may it transform into light.

Step into the discomfort and pain, do not ignore it.

Sit, sit, sit.

Walk through it, walk, walk, walk... dance through it, dance, dance, dance...breathe through it. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Dare to do the opposite of what you think you should be doing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Space Between

The space between thoughts, a thought. The space between a breath. What is it? What does it feel like? What does it look like?

It is serenity.
It is calm.
It is clarity.
It is beauty.

The space in my heart between one beat and the next. What is there?

It is serenity.
It is love.
It is patience.

One beat quietly awaits the next.  Beat by beat, each one works work together as each slowly pumps love into my veins. More love. More love. Love overflowing. Love enriching. Love filling me up to where I feel I may burst.

What is there?

Is there heartbreak?

Is there sadness?

Listen and all will be clear.

Maybe tears will come rushing down my face the minute I stop to say hello to the space between one beat and the next.

Or maybe there will be laughter?  Or tears of joy, a sigh of relief, wonder, shock, pain.

It is all waiting there to be watched, observed, heard. Analyzed? No, because the thought doesn't matter. The heart -- the feeling -- listen to THAT.

Sometimes after a long day at work, I need to stop and listen -- breathe. I take one, two or three deep, expansive, heart opening breaths. This is what my soul needs, what I need.

Ask me what I need. This is the only truth -- not material things but space, time, quiet -- breathing, being, listening.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Power -- Universal Power.

I want to love myself. I want to heal me.

I am grateful for the blood that moves through my veins and my inner energy that is able to make it move and flow, awakening me. I am thankful for the world's energy that runs through me - rivers, animals, creatures, wind, fire, waterfalls and their mighty power - this is all within me.
Thank you. 

My breath is the world's wind. 
My water, running through my cells is the world's rivers, lakes and oceans. 
My heat is the world's blazing fire. 
My solid, rock-like energy in my lower chakras is the earth, ground, dirt of the world. 

We are all connected. 

I am grateful for breath because it connects me to wind.
I am grateful for water that comes out of my tap, because it connects me to my water, my saliva, my inner movement and flow, my clarity, my aliveness. 

Let it wash over me and make everything clear and pure again. Water has the power to heal. 

Stop for a moment and let the earth run through you, let it imbue stillness, gratitude --it will make you feel connected, ailve -- it will take your breath away or perhaps it might even awaken you to your breath. It has been there all along.