Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Replace Fear With Love.

Replacing fear with love feels like repairing a broken record. Slowly sifting through the scattered pieces and trying to understand the subtle cuts and edges of each record piece and how each one fell in the first place. Where did this fear come from? How did it evolve? How did I birth this fear within me?

Magic is what will put it back together again, and effort, time, patience and acceptance -- acceptance that the flaws will always remain after repair but that the record will still provide the same function -- to inspire, to serve, to enlighten and bring joy to hearts every where. It will move around the record player as it did many times before but after a good cleaning and breakage, the record will sound clearer and be revered in a new way.

On the other side of fear, is love, renewal and rejuvenation. Chase your fear and listen closely to its unique beat. It is calling you to your destiny. It is calling you home. 

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