Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Power -- Universal Power.

I want to love myself. I want to heal me.

I am grateful for the blood that moves through my veins and my inner energy that is able to make it move and flow, awakening me. I am thankful for the world's energy that runs through me - rivers, animals, creatures, wind, fire, waterfalls and their mighty power - this is all within me.
Thank you. 

My breath is the world's wind. 
My water, running through my cells is the world's rivers, lakes and oceans. 
My heat is the world's blazing fire. 
My solid, rock-like energy in my lower chakras is the earth, ground, dirt of the world. 

We are all connected. 

I am grateful for breath because it connects me to wind.
I am grateful for water that comes out of my tap, because it connects me to my water, my saliva, my inner movement and flow, my clarity, my aliveness. 

Let it wash over me and make everything clear and pure again. Water has the power to heal. 

Stop for a moment and let the earth run through you, let it imbue stillness, gratitude --it will make you feel connected, ailve -- it will take your breath away or perhaps it might even awaken you to your breath. It has been there all along. 

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