Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am woman.

I am woman. I am questions, not direct statement. I am open and expansive, not contraction. I do not speak at. I hear, I listen, I speak to. I am the moon, opening her silver, bright, emboldened, round face to the world. I am from the heart, not constant logic. I am feelings first, letting the emotions out. Heart first, mind logic second. I am woman.

Do not speak to me as if you know better, just because you are a man. Do not speak down to me, because you think you know better. Get to me know better. I am your equal, not your subservient other. I do not serve you just because I am a woman. I know just as much as you. We are different. I have female intuition, which is knowledge, even if you don't recognize it as so. Our knowledge is special, it is unique. It is a world wonder. Our intuition develops minds and supports whole communities. Our intuition moves mountains.

My weaknesses are also my strengths. They are my building blocks which construct a tower of resilience. My power is my weakness, it is my secret weapon from which I learn, from which I gain deep wisdom. You see, without weakness, we are weak. We are nothingness, unchanging. I am woman. I am special because I allow sadness to come over me like a tidal wave. You see it as weakness. I see it as learning. You see it as letting your guard down, I see it as strength. You see it as giving up, I see it as giving in to the great power.

You state. I see. I believe in the soft ask. I am not below you, I am beside you. Do not underestimate my power , it is as strong and as bright as yours, just like the moon.  Because I am woman. I shine.

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