Monday, March 15, 2010

Perfect post-workout snack = a burger and fries.

I chuckled to myself when I went to open my mailbox tonight. I glanced down only to see two very conflicting consumer messages staring me in the face. First enticement: an offer from 'System Fitness', soliciting their latest membership deal, including images of buff and glistening bods who make exercising look way too easy. Second enticement: A McDonald's 'booklet', plastered on the front of which were enticing images of a juicy burger and golden fries and nothing else but the word 'real'.

The McDo's flyer ( or should I say six-page brochure) is just too ridiculous. That place tries its damnedest to convince we the consumers, of its food's 'healthy' and nutritious qualities. It's neither one of these things and I know it's not. Just watch Food Inc. and you'll have all of your answers. The people I know who choose to eat Mcdonald's are usually hungover when doing so. Starved of minerals and nutrients, they will do anything just to mow down on some good ol' grease just to reduce some of the painful side effects from the night before, lacking all concern for a calorie count. Is there a more environmentally sustainable and healthy way to feed the hungover? Because let's face it, that has to be one of the biggest reasons why Mcdonald's continues to function.

In the end, this little experience just goes to show how many mixed messages we as a society, receive everyday from the advertising and corporate world.

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